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  Wenling Tuoda Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.Specializing in the design and manufacture of industrial assembly line equipment, with a wealth of modern manufacturing, development and design engineering capabilities, with a full set of advanced manufacturing equipment.

  Company specializing in the design and manufacture of low voltage switch cabinet automated production line equipment, auto parts assembly line testing, automotive parts brake chamber assembly test lines, vacuum booster lines, disc brake assembly test lines, sanitary ware testing packaging assembly line, smart ware assembly test lines, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, disinfecting cabinet, washing machine, water heater, gas stove, motors, pumps, valves, household appliances, instruments, building materials industry and food industry industrial assembly line equipment.

  The pursuit of quality and service companies to provide users with quality products, provide good after-sales service. Advanced technology, quality, product design and quality, beautiful appearance, reasonable layout and convenient operation, the production process to meet user requirements.
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