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Talent is the first extension of resources.
Extension has always been committed to the establishment of a fair, competitive, motivated, high employment, and create a conducive working environment for staff personal development, to maximize the potential of human resources.

First, to attract talent
Employment principles: fair competition, strict assessment, basis of merit, two-way choice
Extension of the company to break geographical boundaries, the establishment of a reasonable flow of personnel system, more than 80% of employees from across the country. Actively participate in annual job fairs across the country, and year-round recruitment through the network. Company employees more than 380 people, including more than 160 college and above, in 60 senior officers, junior officers more than 100 people. According to business development needs of the business strategy, the company directed orientation, efforts to train personnel needed for further expansion of scale and expand the market for the work reinforce the foundation.

Second, people who use
Use of principles: the establishment of competition and evaluation mechanism, boldly young talents.
In the extension of a group of managers, mostly in the broad day after graduating from university basic training and then promoted to leadership positions a few years on the epigenetic terrible. Through rotation, changing of the guard, promotion and other means, eclectic use of personnel, the overall quality of training a large number of young people full of excellent managers.

Third, the personnel training
Training principles: build a learning organization, targeted to all kinds of basic training for the staff associations, professional training, further training
In order to meet the fierce market competition and the rapid development of science and technology, companies find ways to cultivate various talents. Companies often invite experts and scholars to the company for academic reports and seminars, and has sent the company to focus on key training institutions and research institutions, taking full advantage of internal resources and employ the internal management experts and technical backbone for the part-time teachers, for staff to carry out various forms of professional training.

Fourth, personnel incentives
Incentive principle: analysis of needs to meet the needs of
The company invested heavily to build high-tech industrial park, modern dormitory, canteen, recreation centers, to provide staff with a comfortable working and living environment; established a workers pension insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance system to solve the worries of employees; establish an annual "advanced workers", "excellent staff Grand Prize" selection system on the selected extension of the excellent staff, in addition to giving some spiritual reward, and material rewards, but also organized into at home and abroad to visit, travel and study; company developed a strict examination system, evaluation results directly linked with the appointment and removal of wage and selection, employee motivation be greatly improved.
Extension of respect for every employee, widely-day masters of staff is widely days, before the company's system, everyone is equal.

V. sentiments
Extension up to, have to create a positive, united and harmonious interpersonal relationships and work environment, and actively building a people-oriented with the centripetal force and cohesive corporate culture, enhance the extension of everyone's feelings and sense of belonging. Company leaders are often concerned about the growth and progress of subordinates, as they display their talents to create the necessary conditions; often held staff seminars, extensive talk activities, listen carefully to comments and suggestions; the extent permitted by the policy, do everything possible to do practical things for the staff, office good thing, remove their worries. Through these processes so that extension of the staff really feel the warmth of the family, which inspired devotion, creating an excellent performance.

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